JA series

Terminal for soldering electric wire for SMT (for heat dissipation board)

800x514 ja 2 800x514 ja

  • Easy to do manual-soldering about the cable.
  • No need to add heat to the heat sink substrate.

For details, please refer to the PDF file.

Part Number MOQ
JA-2.0-1.25-G 100
JA-2.0-1.25-G-T 1,000
JA-2.0-1.25-S 100
JA-2.0-1.25-S-T 1,000
JA-3.2-1.6-G 100
JA-3.2-1.6-G-T 1,000
JA-3.2-1.6-S 100
JA-3.2-1.6-S-T 1,000